1970s House Renovation

Where have I been?

Same place as everyone else. At home. I’ve worked on other creative projects, and this blog took a little hibernation. But during lockdown we bought a home! We sold our flat, and purchased a 3 bed detached property in a tiny village in Oxfordshire. And I mean tiny. It doesn’t have a shop, or a pub, or a school. Nothing. I don’t know where it gets off calling itself a village really. I googled ‘definition of a village’ and it said ‘bigger than a hamlet, but smaller than a town’. So I googled ‘hamlet’ and it said ‘smaller than a village’. Helpful.

So I’m here, in Oxfordshire in my village location. Whatever that actually means.

Home Renovations

So what have we done since we moved in in February? A lot. We’ve had most the property (minus the kitchen and bathroom) painted, and re-carpeted. We have had electrical works done since it failed it’s safety inspection. We’ve also had work done to the sewage pipes since they were cracked, and to the asbestos in the property as there was exposed and damaged asbestos in parts of the property. We’ve installed a fridge, a washing machine and new furniture.

And still to come we are getting the parquet floor restored, carpeting the back room and sorting out new front doors. It’s been a whirl wind but we are finally getting there. So in celebration of that fact, I filmed a little before and after tour. Hope you enjoy!