Skincare Review: Drunk Elephant and More

Skincare Review:

I did an order from Cult Beauty a month ago and most of the order was skincare. So I thought I’d post a little review one month on, and let you know how I’ve found these new products. Before I get stuck in, I just wanted to quickly mention how impressed I was with Cult Beauty – firstly in the range of brands and products they stock and then secondly their delivery – my products came the following day – despite it being a Sunday!

Anyway, let’s jump in. First up: Drunk Elephant.

Drunk Elephant:

I’ve been seeing this brand everywhere and I wanted to see for myself whether it was worth the hype. I purchased two products; the Makeup Melting Butter Cleanser and the C-firma Day Serum. One hit and one miss.

The Makeup- Melting Butter Cleanser was a major hit. I’ve tried the Clinique version before but this one is far superior. It really does melt away makeup and leaves your skin feeling nourished without leaving a slightly slimy film that I find the Clinique one leaves. It – possibly combined with the Pixi glow tonic – has reduced the size of my pores because I’m getting a far deeper clean. This is definitely worth the money at £29.99.

Drunk Elephant Butter Cleanser

The vitamin C serum. Not so much. Although a serum its very thick in the way it sits on your skin. And I cannot handle the smell! It smells like fake tan, and I can still smell it up to 24 hours later (I am very smell sensitive). I can’t comment on it’s effectiveness as I’ve not managed to use it consistently due to the smell. I will continue to use it up as it’s expensive and I’m not wasting all that money. But overall, not a fan: especially at £67!!

Drunk Elephant Serum


Next I picked up the Pixi Glow tonic in Boots. I’ve never been one for toner, I always forget to include it in my skincare routine and I’ve always found the ones I’ve used in the past have stripped my skin and been quite stingy. This one however, manages to deep clean but without any alcoholic smell or sting. It’s actually very soothing and moisturising; no idea how it manages that as a toner but it does! I absolutely love this, its a new permanent addition to my skincare.

Pixi Glow Tonic


This moisturiser doesn’t look like much, but it’s fantastic. It also comes in a bigger tube, I got the 30ml but it also comes in 75ml. It’s a really nourishing moisturiser without being heavy. It has a very light scent but its a very natural scent, nothing floral or chemically. It’s worked wonders on my dry skin which is now completely gone and it’s not caused any aggravation or break outs (I have really sensitive skin). The only downside is that it doesn’t contain SPF. At £13 for the small tube and £20 for the 75ml I think this stuff is amazing value for how good it is.



Finally I purchased the Lanolips original ointment. I’m not blown away by this, I find the thick ointment sits on your lips all night – which is great for getting nourishment but I find it a bit gross when I wake up, and I worry about smudging it allover my pillow while I sleep. Ew. It also hasn’t made a massive difference to my chapped lips. But given that I don’t use a lip balm at all this is definitely better than nothing!

Coco and Eve

And then finally, I wanted to give a quick shout out to a hair care sample I received in my birchbox from Coco and Eve. It was their nourishing hair masque. I used it just before getting my hair done before a wedding and it was wonderful. It wasn’t too scented which I really liked and, having left it on for a few minutes in the shower, it made my hair instantly de-tangled. And I have really knotty hair. Because I don’t tend to brush it! I will definitely consider purchasing the full size when my sample runs out.

What are your current skincare favourites?